Pinned System 357 DC-IN Power Cable

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    • System 357 DC-IN Power Cable

      Price is $15

      The System 357 pcb requires that one of the inner I/O pcbs be powered by an outside source via the DC-IN connector on the front of the pcb. If not powered the pcb will not boot properly. This cable allows you to power this pcb correctly.

      Note: The system 369 does not suffer from this. Everything is powered from the internal psu.

      Pictured is a cable made to connect to a JVS power supply such as a SUN PSU but I can make it work for a different PSU if you need be. Just specify when you talk to me.

      Someone asked me to make an adapter that would power this from the Power jack on top of the Capcom I/O. Here it is:

      I also made one powered from a standard 4-pin molex on an ATX psu.