Finally, multi System 16B (Sega)

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    • jassin000 wrote:

      You wouldn't think button remapping is that important, being that you have so many options to do this (even remapping in software if you have a HAS).
      For people who are using real arcade cabinets, there aren't many options short of manually rearranging your button wires. Keep in mind, not everyone who buys these adapters are using Superguns. The main target for these products are for Arcade owners first and foremost. Supergun users are lucky they get to come along for the ride. ;)

      jassin000 wrote:

      I don't mind the switches (not really much of a difference to me with that) the "SEGA" logo is in the wrong font tho... Points deducted. :P

      Get it right or don't bother to include it.

      Remember, the goal has always been perfection. Both functional and visual with zero compromises!
      To put all that work into designing a PCB only to get the font lettering wrong? I just don't understand it.
      Again, you're thinking like a Supergun user, where your hardware is visable on a table or something. Cabinet users don't have to worry about "visual compromises" since the hardware is locked away in the cabinet, out of sight from everyone.

      Mike is right though, your posts do seem to get out of hand with how 'extreme' you communicate your opinion. Adding memes to exaggerate your point also adds to the aggressiveness of how you communicate this. The last thing we need is people following suit and pushing creators to not want to support the community because of these types of comments.

      Best to cool your jets and communicate your opinion in a more tactful way.
    • It's all good. I get that your posts are in jest, but to those who might not know this, it can come off the wrong way to them.

      Back to the topic at hand, I too use the JNX adapter on my boards. I didn't even know there were that many options, tbh. When I did a google search for one, a bunch of non-button switch versions came up, then JNX's was the next result to those. So I went with his because I know Xian's products are great. I was using a homebrew'd adapter I built using a jamma finger board, but I wanted something that looked somewhat nicer, and less prone to wires being pulled. A PCB version is better. A customize-able button PCB version is even better still!
      But having buying options is always great. If they all work the same, then there's no difference, and it's just up to availability and price at that point.
    • I recently purchased the $17 shipped one on ebay, because I didn't think to compare features on them. what games is the button remapping handy for? Or is it just in case you are putting it in a conversion? i don't know why you couldn't just switch around the buttons though?
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    • KaPH33n wrote:

      what games is the button remapping handy for?
      #1 Golden Axe, the default button layout is crazy...
      I think Magic, Jump, Attack?
      I can't even remember because I remapped it with the adapter and never switched it back.

      KaPH33n wrote:

      i don't know why you couldn't just switch around the buttons though?
      You have many options sure, but switching around the buttons in a arcade control panel would require you to switch them back at some point.
      Button 3 to button 1, button 1 to button 3, now all your other JAMMA games are messed up.
      It's the same with the HAS, sure its very easy to simply remap with software, but then you have to change it back.

      This is just a really easy way to get the correct layout (attack, jump, magic) without having to change things back and forth with PCB swaps.

      BTW, maybe now is a good time to talk about why I think the proper layout is Attack, Jump, Magic?

      Well to me its based on the human hand, our index or first finger is our most used... The attack button is the most used in the game.
      The middle finger is the next most used, thus it gets the next most used button, Jump.
      Finally Magic is only used very infrequently, so it gets the least responsive finger of the three.
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    • I also love @Frank_fjs version.
      Button remapping is simple and quick and that's just what I need. A lot of S16 games have the buttons mapped weirdly and also adapter can be remapped for S24 (first two buttons swapped compared to S16, thanks for that Sega).
      Looking for:
      - OutRun boardset even untested or not working
      - Sega Super Scaler hardware (Out Run, Model X, Model Y), even with faulty PCM chip

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