(Tools) Arduino Mega Shield to asses Official Konami System 573 PCMCIA cards

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    • (Tools) Arduino Mega Shield to asses Official Konami System 573 PCMCIA cards


      This is my own private tool, made sometime ago. It is arduino mega shield originally made, because of frustration at konami flash card rarity. Back then, i have 2 'Bad' cards which i hope to be able to check them properly, without having pulled the each flash chip out and test them individually with a programmer.

      At first, i tried to use this pci to pcmcia card to read them.

      But apparently, they need a special driver for each kind of flash card, which i can't find anywhere that compatible with konami cards.

      And so, the arduino shield made, with pcmcia slot gutted from this very pcmcia pc card.
      Here is what it looks like, with a bare konami flash card inserted.

      It's not really that fancy, but it do the job. The source code and schematic is here. I hope it can be useful for someone.

    • with some code modification, yes, particularly, the time stamp for each chip.

      iirc, after sometime, i find out that these 'bad' card showed by 573 games, they're actually caused by 'slow' or you can say 'degraded' flash chip. since konami uses it's own timeout mechanism to verify the card. but actually, the chip itself is still okay, they're just 'slow' a bit.
      i can't say a lot, because i just have 2 flash card to play with. maybe some other bad card can actually have real bad flash chip inside.

      wierdly, after those test (reads, writes, and erases), i put the card back to 573 games, and find out they're not bad anymore, so i puzzled here.

      anyway, this project is just for reference.