Metamorphic Force Video issue...

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    • Metamorphic Force Video issue...

      Hi! I'm new to this forum so I hope I made this thread at the right place!

      Few months ago, I got a Metamorphic Force PCB and when I first tested it, it was playing blind. I send it to a friend to check it and try to get it back to life. Strangely, the video was working but colors were not good. he sent the PCB to his friend to do more tests and video colors were better but image continuously goes up and down while characters are fix (see video links).

      Is someone can give me an idea of what could be the problem? My friend told me the problem could be the video chips (surface mounted) more than the Custom ICs.

      This game deserves to live again! Thank you for your help!

      Video links:

      • Firsst_try.jpg

        69.33 kB, 798×573, viewed 230 times
      • 34138190_1833178913407766_3248242641652940800_n.jpg

        698.36 kB, 2,560×1,440, viewed 228 times
    • Maybe this is not the right place to post your help request, it should be moved in General Arcade Tech Help section :)

      Anyway, your issue is most likely due the two QFP ASICs marked '055555' and '055673', they have very fine pitch and pins get detached very easily, this is a very common issue on this board.So, my advice is to do a good reflow of both (especially the '055555' which perform many GFX functions).