Control panels for various setups

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    • Control panels for various setups

      I’m renaming this thread because I’m planning on working on a bunch more panels. I’m liking the Sanwa gates to knock out some easy ones. Decided to tate one of my pvms so I needed two way. I’m dedicating this bukowski fightstick for two way. Put the gate in and it feels good. Galaga feels right. Next I think I’ll find a similar stick for dedicated 4 way. Or I might get the mikesarcade reproduction donkey Kong panel and put that in a box. I need to look at a good 4 way game list and see what requires more than 1 button. I’m also working on a defender panel and definitely doing a twin stick panel. Eventually spinner and trackball. I’m wondering if the connection for those is fairly universal? I have the 60 in one board I’m testing now.

      Found a list of 4 way

      I’m wiring everything up Neo. I’m on the lookout for decent broken fightsticks since I gut them and wire them up Neo. Just need the Sanwa parts.

      I’ve had a nes in a Nintendo vs cab for a long time. Was a donkey Kong. Anyway my brother really likes the vs Nintendo sticks and buttons. I can’t blame him. They are pretty sweet. So I thought of the idea to make him a stick with a vs stick and buttons. Then I saw a complete vs panel on eBay for a decent price so decided I would make him a box for this thing. So far pretty good. My woodworking skills are amateur as hell but I’m pretty happy with what I have so far. Made a base out of oak, cut holes for the select buttons on the sides. Next up cut for t molding, paint the exterior, hack some nes pads, and some cleanup of the sticks and buttons.

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    • Yeah he will play original nes with it. I can always do more to it, but I’ll leave it as a two button panel. I haven’t wireless modded anything but who knows. I do think I might do this with my vs panel too and get rid of my Nintendo cab to reclaim some space. I’m starting to like the idea of just having a bunch of panels I can hook up to my pvm setup instead of having dedicated arcade cabs. They take up so much space I think I want to narrow down how many I own. I had around 10 and got that down to 6. I might get it down to 4. Next after that panel I’m almost certain I want to do is defender so then I can get rid of that cab. I like defender a lot but again dedicated arcade cabs just eat so much real estate.