Issues with Cruisn world showing linked though its not

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    • Issues with Cruisn world showing linked though its not

      OK - before we start off. Here is the issue + all troubleshooting steps done SO FAR:

      Machine Boots up, loading screen states 3 cabinets linked, current cab is #2, #3 is present and Master is missing
      THIS IS FALSE.. No machines are linked at all.

      Troubleshooting steps:
      Factory Restore from test menu (not fixed)
      Turned off ALL dipswitches for the linking (not fixed)
      Turned off machine, pulled cmos batter, unplugged for 5 minutes (not fixed)

      Thoughts on where to start next? Replacing the roms wont help (Read Only Memory) shouldnt store any linking data.
    • Last night I finally got time to complete this. I was out for work for a week, but when I had time I put in last night to get it working..

      a few learning points:

      - Roms U10-13 are all required to be on the same version and match between the two boards.. for some reason even though I was on 1.7 (at least according to the game boot up) the boards would have issues.. Once I replicated all 4 on both boards - they worked for booting.
      - dip switch went bad on one of the boards and reporting it was in linking though it was set not to -- once that was identified and fixed - moved on to the next problem
      - Crusin' USA and Crusin' World use 2 DIFFERENT link cables. After working with Scarabaeus and helping him link USA - I know for a fact that USA uses a null modem cable. However this same cable we used to link USA -- DOES NOT work with World.. I ordered a straight through just to test this theory and the moment I hooked it up and powered on.. they showed linked and entered a head to head race
      - Lastly.. IF the pedals are unplugged --- though its a separate harness the steering wheel goes insane.. the car revs like crazy and cant steer.. once I realized that problem and traced the cable break (btw these machines are a pita to work on.. hope you dont have a big head **no pun intended** otherwise you cant get in to see whats going on)

      All said and done I finally got this mf'er linked and crusin world head to head is on like donkey kong.. plan to get some jack d' out, some friends over and have a few races/tournaments at the house.
    • Cruisn' Exotica also has a bit of a strange pinout for the steering, acceleration, and brake. its not the same pinout as Cruisn' World.
      I had to rewire my board with a different header pin set so that I could use my home made driving wheel to work with both.

      Right now currently working on sound issues on my cruisn world board. plays perfectly, no sound. Hopefully I can figure out the issue here soon.

      Nice work on figuring out the link issue there TheDrunkenArcade :thumbsup:
    • ya so when they did cruisin exotica.. midway supplied both sets of cables for the changes and instructions on what to disconnect in the conversion kit manual.. it was goofy that they decided to do that.. I THINK I have the cables still at the house .. id have to check..

      sound issues are a bitch.. my MK flips out all the time.. will work on one boot and then stop the next.. im going to do a cap kit on the sound board next week.. I dont have shit else going.. good luck with it.. worse case.. you can always post on arcade-classics fb group.. the games pop up there all the time