Lindbergh Sliver with no singal

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    • Lindbergh Sliver with no singal

      Hi all,

      I bought a sliver Lindbergh with VF5 from YAJ. Unfortunately, It has no signal output. When I use a 550W ATX PSU to power it up. I can see all the fans in the Lindbergh working. The light of the IO card is also blinking, but the screen still displays no signal. I tried both VGA and DVI ports with the same outcome. Few questions below and hope someone can help

      • It may be the graphic card issue, I am trying to borrow a working graphic card of a Lindbergh yellow from my friend, but don’t know if the broken part is the motherboard, will it cause a damage on the working graphic card that I borrow during the test? Also, I have a DarkDawg multi-kit, will the kit support other graphic cards? If yes, what cards do you suggest to use?
      • If it’s the motherboard’s problem, can I replace it with a motherboard from other Lindbergh?

      I spent US$400 to get this one and hope I can get it working! ;(

      Any comments and feedbacks will be appreciated!