Any way to perminently adjust volume, screen flip, etc. on Multi?

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    • Any way to perminently adjust volume, screen flip, etc. on Multi?

      I love my F3 multi but it's aggravating that every time I switch games it also resets the volume and I have to enter the test menu to turn it back down.

      I'm wondering if there is some way I could maybe patch the ROM or something else that would let me adjust the volume down.

      There are other similar issues too, Particularly withe vertical games, half the time I have to go into test mode to do a screen flip, since some default one way and some default the other way and this seems to get reset when switching games also.

      I wouldn't mind defaulting to free-play too, but that's less important. :thumbup:
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    • When you "flash" a new game on the darksoft f3 multi, the "saves" of the game (difficulty, dip and volume ajustement settings) that are actually on the motehrboard dedicated eeprom are overwriten for the new game usage.

      so every time you "change" your game, the settings of your previous game are lost.

      if the eeprom content does not match the game actually flashed, you have the famous "error press the service switch" ,starting on the factory settings, and you need to go to the dip menu of the game to update the content of the EEPROM

      so the "save" is not operated on the darksoft daughterboard, but it's located on the original taito F3 motherboard. and it's designed as a "single slot / game" solution.

      you need to see the eeprom chip on the motherboard (and not on the daughterboard) as a "single game memory card" for nineties machine operators.

      don't forget it's an (awesome) 1992 taito's piece of technology ! :thumbup:
      remind in the nineties, that EEPROM are very cosfull at the time (and small capacity) ,and 99% of arcade games are on PROMS or even EPROMS

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