Player controls don’t work on F3 board.

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    • Player controls don’t work on F3 board.

      I got a board and credit works, but I can’t seem to start the game I have (power goal). It says press button so I’m assuming start or button 1. Neither works for either player. I have a friend over who found some solder near/under an optoisolator, maybe that’s the issue. Tried to remove the solder, no luck. So maybe the optoisolator is bad. Just wondering if any of you encountered something like this. eBay seller sold as working which I think was not the case. I doubt he tested controls. Who knows. There was also some damage and the packaging left something to be desired. He has flawless feedback so we will see what he can do. I just want a working board! I’ll let you guys know if we figure it out.
    • So this is fun. We found if we hold down on player 1 and then hit the test menu it keeps going down infinitely even when we release ground. So it is as if normally open/closed is flipped. The board thinks we are holding all the directions and buttons. Something like that. Test and credit work fine so they must be isolated somehow from whatever is wrong.