Midway WWF WrestleMania Resetting In Demo Mode Repaired

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    • Midway WWF WrestleMania Resetting In Demo Mode Repaired

      I picked up a midway wrestlemania board a few weeks back which would reset itself in demo mode.

      If you coined it up it would play fine but if you let the demo roll through, about 20 seconds into it when the sound logo and explosion of it took place, the system would reset.

      After searching online I found only 1 thread of someone on KLOV having the same issue. Upon further inspection of the board I had I came to the conclusion that it had to be the same board.

      I tried everything from reburning roms to reflowing various chips when eventually I came across a point on the board that I saw which had 3 traces joined together by a thin streak of solder right under the sound section on the solder side of the board. I removed the solder and the game played through demo mode without any issues. I left it run for an hour in loop and no problems. I played it for 30 min then let it run some more in demo and it was fine.

      The repair itself was simple but tracking it down was a pain. with the fine traces it was hard to see anything out of the ordinary.

      none the less, another game running well.

    • Thanks brizzo. Ive still got my war gods pcb that Im waiting to find someone who can make a compact flash drive for but until then it will sit here waiting to be fixed.

      I hope to be able to get that one running as well so I can share the other repairs I have done to it. Some helpful details for others once I get it going again. Just need that compact flash X/