TEKKEN help with identifying part

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    • TEKKEN help with identifying part

      HI, so I have this Tekken PCB that has a missing component that I need help identifying. The part is labeled TR10 on the board and has "A G R5H" written on it. There are two more parts just like next to it labeled TR11 and TR13. Im guessing TR13=RED TR11=Green and TR10=Blue. The board works but with a yellowish tint. If I remember correctly its missing the color blue and I suspect this missing part to be the culprit.
    • Its hard to find a clear shot of the pcb from photos on the net but there are indeed identical ICs there and Im guessing all 3 should be the same. You could check and see if there is any other color change by lifting one of the legs of the other 2 chips and powering it on. If it changes again you are on the right track.

      Take the part number off the chip and go to ebay and put in the number. Your part should appear there.

      It may take as long as a month to get the part as most come from china but buy in bulk just in case for the future.