Build Simple RGB Supergun

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    • Build Simple RGB Supergun

      Aloha everyone, I’ve been goin back and forth on building one or buying.

      Definitely want a HAS and Sentinel but they are on the horizon and I’m dying to play my SF2 board.

      I attempted to get on the preorder list for the JNX CMVS but didn’t make the cut since 40 people flooded his email the second he opened orders.

      I’m nervous this will happen with the Supergun so I want to try and build one just in case I can’t get a HAS or Sentinel

      I have a Hakko Solder Iron and all the equipment, multimeter, and little electronic knowledge, hence why I’m here.

      I have a Sony PVM-8044Q and an OSSC so I’m assuming I just need raw RGB....are the RGB pots necessary? And if they are, where do you get them? I’m going to get most stuff from twistedquarter and Amazon.

      Is a voltmeter, adjustable, necessary? I know it’s to make sure it’s at 5v but I’ve seen some Superguns without...

      I’ve seen the audio part, if not wired correctly, can ruin devices like a gscartsw which I plan on getting. Audio attenuation needed if I just go straight to my PVM that has mono?

      For SF2 and kicks, I plan on buying the FULL jamma harness from Twisted Quarters, that should cover me for the extra buttons?

      Thank you in advance!