Shooting Gallery: Sega Type-II IR on a 108" front projection setup.

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    • Have you ever tried using one of the PCI express JVS cards in a regular PC?

      I don't know if you've ever had a reason to look at the code of a Lindbergh game but, given your coding skills and what you do for a living, did you happen to notice if the drivers for the JVS pci express card were on the game disc (like they are on console games)?

      Or, for Windows based PCBs, are there jvs drivers included with the Windows install disc image?

      The Operation Ghost ISO I have runs without Teknoparrot on a regular PC. If I had Windows drivers for a JVS IO card, maybe I could connect my gun sense board like that.
    • Lindbergh IO is a PCI card. Even if you plugged it into a normal PC, the drivers are for linux so wouldnt work. There are windows drivers, but only for one specific game that isn't that popular and probably hasn't been cracked to run outside a real lindy. The drivers aren't generic input device drivers either, so the game has to be written specifically to work for them - they don't just show up as a joystick.

      The Ringedge IO connects through the parelell port of the computer (I think), and the serial port. Drivers are available for Windows but again will only work with very specific games running in very specific conditions. Operation Ghost ISO only works when you set the config setting to AMLIB=Disable, which means don't talk to the IO board/Keychip and just run in debug mode, which is how your getting it to run without Teknoparrot. To get it to talk to the IO you have to enable AMLIB, which would then require you to have the right keychip. Even then you'd have to have basically all the bootstrapping programs (mxkeychip, mxhdd etc.) to run the keychip checks etc. and so it's very unlikely you'd be able to get it to work. Myself and a couple of guys are trying to get Op Ghost to run on the Ringedge with a normal Windows XP installation, and seemingly with everything you'd need it still crashes - so I think we're a long way off!

      One option is to use an older version of teknoparrot that supported JVS passthrough with a USB to RS485 converter.

      If you use linux you can use my Linux driver for JVS here:

      It requires a linux machine, and a USB to RS485 converter that you can get off Amazon for about £5. It makes all JVS IO boards come up as normal joysticks so you can play any game with them.

      At some point I'd really like to get it to work for windows too, as thats probably way more useful than linux.
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    • The version of Operation Ghost I have is cracked. It runs with JVS turned on in the config file, or off.

      It's strange that they'd write custom drivers for each game given the generic nature of the hardware, the IO controller and the guns. I guess it doesn't matter if Teknoparrot is what's blocking the use of a JVS board.

      Even if there was a generic driver making Windows see the JVS board as regular analog and digital controls, it wouldn't solve my issue. I can already use my Sega guns as analog controls in Windows. The problem is that Teknoparrot only offers relative analog controls instead of absolute, which is useless for guns.

      Older version of Teknoparrot is no good either as most of the gun games only work in later versions.

      I guess I'm stuck connecting the guns as a mouse and dealing with Demul Shooter for now. I hate stupid issues like this. The games already used absolute analog controls all they had to do was leave it alone.