Help with CPS1 Board Problem

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    • Help with CPS1 Board Problem


      I recently bought a Final Fight board set for a really good deal, it's got an original B and C board and ROMs and a DASH A-Board. I thought this was a 10-MHz game so presumably this was swapped at some point.

      The problem is that it goes into some kind of boot loop, so it powers up and then a split second later I hear my PSU and monitor click off then back on, and off.

      I checked for any signs of damage and cleaned the edge connector, it's a little dusty but otherwise great shape). after that I got it to boot once and it played perfect except there was zero sound.

      I then decided to re-seat all of the inter-board connectors and socketed ICs and give a more through inspection... during the re-seating I noticed that one of the PALs (bottom center of the b-board) had pin 1 folded under like it had missed the socket so I fixed this. and tried again. after that it's doing a boot-loop again only now I get audio popping so presumably sound is working now.

      I tried the B/C board on a different A-Board and it boots up perfectly, has perfect sound but there are problems with the sprites around the characters some of the pixels flicker to random colors including some of the transparent pixels within the character sprite. It wasn't doing this during the one good time I got it to boot on the original A-Board. I honestly don't know how good this "new" A-Board is, it was part of a SFIICE board-set that had non-functioning B and C boards and I only tested this A-Board once before, I don't recall any sprite issues then but maybe I wasn't paying close enough attention.

      I have another Good A-Board that I need to dig out but I'd really like to get the boot-loop one going. Has anyone seen an issue like this before? Any idea what could be causing it? Any suggestions for the A-Board with the sprite issues?
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