Namco System 357 silent fan mod?

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    • Namco System 357 silent fan mod?

      Has anybody attempted a fan replacement on the system 357 or might the unit work with the fans unplugged. I assume if it is PS/3 based it may not require them all if running in a colder environment.

      I followed Nico's excellent silent fan mod for the Taito X2 and it made a huge difference, just brilliant.

      I picked up a 357 with Tekken 6 BR as it was a game I always enjoy in the arcades.
      Thank-you to Mitsurugi-w who supplied a custom Capcom I/O to DC-IN 12v power cable to keep the setup neat for testing :thumbup:

      Another question is regarding the voltage, my motherboard is from Japan and I have been running here in the UK thru at 110v step-down transformer.

      Can the motherboard run directly on 220v?, the manual only lists 110-120v 50/60hz and so I assume not.


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    • I would recommend running any kind of fan over running it without any fan at all.

      The problem is that the 357 IS a ps3 and by disconnecting it the system wont cool and unless you are running it in extremely cool temperatures, it WILL overheat and fail like a ps3 with rrod or yrod.

      The system internally controls the fan speed and putting in something like a pc fan may not give you enough cooling nor the speed at which you want it to.

      Up to you but I left mine the way it was and there were no problems
    • I can understand why they used the industrial fans for longevity, I will take a look to see if there are other components that can be swapped in-place and have a lower noise output and similar performance. The noise is not too bad once inside a cabinet with the sound turned up.

      The software version is T6B100-1-NA-HDD0-A8

      is that the latest available and what do you guys have? I guess an update via USB is possible.

      Do you happen to know if switching the game HD and dongle have any affect on stored settings, user data for the game or version or are these preserved on the HD rather than the motherboard?

      Also... does turning the on or off make any difference to the game behaviour other than then display of the icon when not connected to
      I have it enable but assume no reason to connect it to the network do so unless you have a license?

      I was pleased to see I could turn the Movie off off on the attract screen so that it just plays demonstrations like normal.