SYSTEM 246 (TEF3 Namco Model A) - A power HUNGRY beast!!

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    • SYSTEM 246 (TEF3 Namco Model A) - A power HUNGRY beast!!

      I wasn't turning on for some years my System 246 and i wanted to go back to that crap called Fighting Jam.

      Since it was a while i forgot about this system was THAT power hungry but i think i'm going way over with this model, and i do not understand if this is common or not.
      I usually set my rig to 5.1V due to having some boots that need a little more juice, when i plugged the system i was getting scrolling white dots and nothing else. I remember that was "the procedure" but the system wasn't going further.

      After cleaning and reseating in and out connections (filter, extensions, IDE, ecc ecc), a common fair, nothing changed. I also realized that the tray Eject was having issues to spit out the disc since i had to press it many times before it went finally out (i heard it spinning and the orange led was working, so i thought maybe a dirt connection on the button)

      Than i want for cranking up a little bit with the 5v and i set the system with a "generous" 5.2V.
      I'm usually aware that going higher with the 5v rail isn't a good thing (exept for boots, they love it) but the system passed the white dots and i was greeted with the blue screen saying basically that the dongle was not correct.

      The filter board and the main pcb have a lot of SMD caps, i usually change them in namco system boards, i picked up my new smd parts and replace them. I did not have 1000Uf 16V smd parts so i went for electrolitcs counterparts.

      System came up like before and after a few tries it went to the "NOW LOADING" but was just stuck there. I decided to try other games, like Tekken 4 and Gundam VS, they did the same exact thing.
      I took a step back with the other games and again, blue screen with 5.2V and black screen below that (5.1V).
      So at that point i was supposing was a matter or voltage.

      I gave it 5.3V, the games finally load but they went stuck on the initial logos or they freeze on the start screen.

      5.5V was next...
      I was a little bit worried to fry everything with that voltage but the system went all throught and i was finally able to play the games. However, the sound was missing. After checking few things to be all right and since the system was looking fine even for that much voltage, i went till 5.7V to be able to have sound system running up.

      I played some games for more than an hour and i did not find any issue with the system nor risking to fry something, even turning it on and off a while and change games.

      I was wondering if this voltage range is a normal thing??
      I've never saw such arcade related board requiring THAT much in order to get it working...

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    • Are you checking voltage at the power molex on the 2X6 or directly on the PSU? Is it using a I/O board that feeds the 2X6 power or is it a JVS setup? I've had my share of power needs from 2x6's, it seems to me if the power drops during play, it'll lock up/freeze very easily. I've had to crank my 5v on the PSU BUT when I get volt readings from the 2x6 directly, I make sure it's @ 5v (meaning, my output from the PSU is 5.5-6v).

      I/O's add more draw in my experience, so I try to power the 2x6 and I/O(if using one) separately if possible. I've even needed to run two PSU's in some cases, one for the 2x6 itself and the other for all the other bits.
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