Pinned SYS2X6 USB Dongle Rollup Pack

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    • did i also see on wiki that pacman battleroyale was on 2X6 or is that misinformation?

      That game rules and I have access to enough 2X6 hardware to keep me busy for days :D
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    • YourPalCeej wrote:

      id i also see on wiki that pacman battleroyale was on 2X6 or is that misinformation?
      That's incorrect. Battle Royale is on System 147:

      AFAIK the only joystick/button game on 2x6 that is not publicly available/in mame is Technic Beat
      the rest of the missing games are either revisions/regional differences of already available games or games that require special hardwdare like the touch-screen games, or driving games, etc.
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    • Has anyone run into problems getting Cobra the Arcade to work?

      I've extracted the cbr1-ha.chd to 3 different hard drives, and the game is missing all the graphics and sound. In places where game is running its just flashes of white and black. I can access Cobra's test mode, but when i try to bring up the crosshatch and color grandient for adjustment, its just a black screen. I've double checked this on two different monitors.

      I'm testing this on two working Sys256 units and its the same on both: missing graphics and sound. I even switched out the IDE cables and measured the voltages from the hard drive's input power. They're all good.

      This how i'm extracting the chd to my hard drives:
      chdman extracthd -i cbr1-ha.chd -o \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE1 -f

      Do i have to use a the exact same make/model hard drive the like the original?