Recommended recapping service in europe?

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    • Recommended recapping service in europe?


      I have a long overdue list of machines in need of recapping. These are my babies and I hesitate to give them to just anyone. Do you know someone who’s skilled and might be interested?

      I don’t mind paying extra for excellent work.

      I ordered some kits from to make things easier for me but i juat don’t have the skills to do it myself (items marked with asterisk there’s no cap kit for):

      -Saturn x2
      -Towns marty
      -Atari 2600
      -3do fz1
      -Virtual boy
      -Original gb
      -Gb color
      -Core grfx x2
      -Cps2 main board*
      -msx2+ FS-A1WX*
      -Atari mega-ste*

      Welp that’s a that, it’s a lot of work and it makes me look needy af but I can’t lose my babies to leaky caps.

      If you know someone who will do a good job of any of those please let me know.

      If you’re interested yourself please share photos of your work, preferrably publicly if you don’t mind.

      That’s all!
      Thank you.