Vewlix L LCD

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    • You can clearly see the back of that case doesn't have the proper measurements for the back brace. So its impossible to even bolt it in.

      rewrite wrote:

      Can you get picture of the model number on the sticker?
      It's an AU Optronics monitor, which doesn't have the proper closed frame on it for a Vewlix.
      It also has SVideo, and BNC connectors as well. Last I checked with Taito, no Vewlix replacement monitor has these.
      There is no connection for a remote board, as its still mounted directly on the frame itself. Like a regular commercial monitor.
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    • rewrite wrote:

      How you saw all that from one small picture is beyond me. But I am impressed.
      Top right of the picture you can see the wires going to the remote pcb attached to the case.
      Pattern has no 200x100 VESA, which is the size for a Vewlix if I recall. You can easily eye that pattern.
      I've seen the monitor, it has BNC and SVideo connections.
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    • Vewlix monitors come in a few different flavors but none like posted above. Ls and Amis, most had wei-ya LCDs. And those screens have vga, dvi, and some hdmi connections.

      What is posted above seems to be a DIY replacement for a failed monitor, as a new monitor from taitotech is about $1800ish. I know as I have one living in my Blue Diamond.

      Edit: Here is what I've seen in most Ls and AMI Ls:

      This is what will be in a replacement from taito, currently what they add in the black diamonds, and they send the whole surround:

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    • Here is the other side of that monitor. As you can see by all the inputs and several outputs. This is not an Original Vewlix Monitor or a replacement from Taito for any model Vewlix.

      This is just a run of the mill commercial broadcast LCD monitor. Hope that helps.

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    • This information is a little out of date now...

      No entries for the "new new LCD" (aka whatever comes in the Vewlix Black and Magicians Dead).
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    • Researching further led to the usage of the display in question.

      Manufacturer: AUO
      Model: P315XW01 V0
      Release: 2010,Q1

      P315XW01 V0 is a 31.5" diagonal a-Si TFT-LCD display panel product from AU Optronics Corp. (hereafter called AUO), with an integral CCFL backlight system, With Inverter , without touch screen. It features an operating temperature range of 0 ~ 50°C , a storage temperature range of -20 ~ 60°C . It's general features are summarized in the following: High Color Gamut, Antiglare Surface, Wide Viewing Angle, Landscape / Portrait, Lamp life ≥ 50K hours, Wide Aspect Ratio , ECO Pack, Jun’13 EOL. Based on its features, this model be applied to Digital Signage.

      As Jassin posted:
      The L and L-AMI use a Samsung TY320CPG-3 panel in a GTT Closed Frame Housing. GTT Model # TLK-320Y
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