Neo-Geo restarts at specific points in Shock Troopers and Metal Slug 3

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    • Neo-Geo restarts at specific points in Shock Troopers and Metal Slug 3

      I have a MV1B1 that
      1. Freezes the moment I choose a game on 161 in 1 Cart
      2. Restarts at the same point on Shock Troopers and Metal Slug 3 (just checked these two and Aero Fighters 2).

      It also had bad sprites issue where basically the sprites and Neo-geo eyecatcher were missing which was totally fixed after I saw that 32nd pin of Mask2 chip was loose and was soldered.

      Is there a way I can use MAME to basically run Shock Troopers and Metal Slug 3 upto the point where the game restarts on the Mv1B1 to see if it is accessing some parts of the memory that is causing the crash?

      I am thinking is there a way I can see what instructions is being given in each step for these two game to see if there is any common step and try to trace it to a chip. I am a n00b but I am sort of getting a few boards running and I was thinking if this is even viable.

      Weirdly Aero Fighters 2 seems to be immune to this and runs like a champ.

      I only use and have the stock BIOS so any UNIBIOS solution would not work in my case :(
      Retro Police

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    • I have a couple of MVS, all others can run the Multicart on the same power setup. Is it possible that this board is somehow drawing more power than others? It is an older board with some grime on it. I shall check again.

      Interestingly my Multicart only shows game from 01 to 99 on the other boards, I will need to open it up later as well lol.
      Retro Police