Troubleshooting new Darksoft setups (some games won't load or 0% progress)

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    • I want to add six 16M flash chips to the 32M simm board to turn it to 128M simm, also i noticed that there are MLCCs in vicinity of each 16M flash chip, do i need to solder it on and what's the specifications of the MLCC?thanks
      CPS1; CPS1.5; CPS2(preordered); CPS3(need 2*128M+64M); ST-V; Taito Gnet; Taito F3(preordered); Taito Type X2; Naomi2; MVS. :love:
      Cabs: Vewlix; Astro City 8o
      Displays: PVM 20M4E; Pioneer 40"LED :whistling:
      Scalers: OSSC; Frameister :thumbup:
    • Alright CPS3 still at the same problem. We've swapped all SIMMs, cart, cables, SCSI2SD, SD card, so it's definitely something with the motherboard. We've tried all regions, and free play. Why would every game work 100% except JoJo's?

      I'm pretty much just going to list it for sale as it is. I need to make the return on the parts, and I can't afford to put it off any longer.
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