SpikeOut Schematic

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    • SpikeOut Schematic

      I recently got SpikeOut running in my Blast City, and one of the problems I came across was getting the sound correct. I only had pictures of the hardware to go on and trying to copy that was a bit difficult. So I fumbled around with 2 of the smaller mixers but it wasn't to my liking. Finding the schematic was almost impossible, I say almost as I did mange to find them in the finish thanks to Mo at Videotronics. :)

      Because SpikeOut has front + rear sound effects combined with a DSB2, if you don't use the mixers the game expects then the music will be too loud which in turn drowns out some of the sound effects such as the speaking. You can get away with using 2 of the smaller mixers, but when you use the larger mixer combined with the smaller mixer the sound levels are perfect.

      Anyway, rather than sit on the schematics so no one else can benefit from them I've scanned them and uploaded them to this thread.
      I hope they are useful to someone out there. The schematic is for New Astro City, but if you have a Blast City with a Model 3 loom then all you need is the bits for the DSB2 + mixers.
      • SpikeOut_Schematic_1.jpg

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    • nem wrote:

      Thank you. Always wondered about this. Just missing the mixers from mine.

      Would be badass to own the additional speaker and sub set for this game:

      No problem man, I was searching for the schematic for quite a while so once I found them it felt right to put them where they can be found.

      That Headwave speaker system would be awesome!
      Maybe we can find it one day?
    • Took me a good while (I think more than a year after buying "Unknown Sega Arcade Board" which turned out to be Spikeout) to figure out how to hook this crazy game up at home, sadly there was no Spikeout manual or schematics so basically all I could use was some of the other Model 3 DSB2 games manuals and take some from one and some from the other.

      Funny thing, is since I hook this up to my tv, I use an old sound mixer made for camcorders which has volume sliders making turning down music and up sound effects pretty easy
    • When I first tested the game I used my Sega Rally 2 machine and it sounded great, the front and rear sounds are perfect.

      Then I started tinkering with 2 small sound mixers so I could fit it into my Blast City cab, After loads of messing about it was working but I had a lot of interferrence and the levels were all over the place. It was borderline unplayable tbh.

      I gathered loads of pics of SpikeOut FE setups and combined with the schematics I was able to do it almost as it should be. I still get some 'PC noise' interferrence through my headphones when playing/capturing gameplay footage but it sounds loads better than it was.

      I'm not sure where the interferrence is coming from though, I'm going from the Sega mixer to a headphone amp, and then I use a cable to split the output into 2 outputs. 1 output goes to my headphones and the other goes to the upscaler which then goes to the capture card in the PC via a HDMI cable.

      What camcorder mixer are you using? Does it require power?
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