CPS1 Conversion restoration

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    • CPS1 Conversion restoration

      So I am picking this up tomorrow for $40, its conversion. Apparently its 3 Wonders board, but the C board I checked is not 3 Wonders and the B Board is Street Fighters 2 World Warrior.
      The board is supposedly running.

      Anyone who knows CPS1 hardware please can you tell me if I can restore it to SF2 World Warrior by changing the ROMS? If restoration doesnt make sense what should I do with this board? I do have a good board for the DS Multi I wont need this for that.

      Also the JAMMA edge - should I leave the solder as it is or should I try to remove it?

      I am going to give the board a nice bubble bath as soon as I get it.


      Looks like whoever converted it took inspiration from Capcom's own hacky conversion (Jamma Arcade.net), the ROM Layout is identical. C Board is different though.

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    • I know nothing about CPS1 conversions.

      suverman wrote:

      Also the JAMMA edge - should I leave the solder as it is or should I try to remove it?

      If you have a desoldering gun, I would try sucking up the excess solder. If the solder is on thick it will expand the pins on the jamma connector, which could result in them not making contact on normal boards. I've had this happen. However, if you heat up the pads for too long they will lift off the PCB. That's why I wouldn't hit them with desoldering wick / braid.
    • B board matches my original SF2WW, so you should be fine with a Rom swap, don’t know if they changed the PAL as well?

      For reference, my C board reads B-17 on the custom but had less connectors, just 1 instead of 4 (kick harness)
    • Thanks I got the board now and the video is wonky. I have paid $15 for it. It seems like the game runs (doesnt hang or anything, buttons work and all) but
      1. Crackling noise instead of sound. (CPS1 A board sound section problem?)
      2. Video colors are not good, lot of flashes, looks like the C board is not working well after all. Custom might need a reflow and all (I shall try to post a photo of the color issue).

      When I went to the test mode - colour - One shade (first) of each color was flickering. Not sure if its RAM or the custom on board C which looks worked on.

      I still want to get the Board A running well including sound and maybe try swapping the C board with another one of the same type?

      The good news is (not sure to believe or not) the dude has another board in working condition. He will let me have it for $30 coming Sunday. It would make sense to buy it if the video is working well for that.

      Thanks guy I shall give it a try as soon as I get the ther board.

      Note to self:
      XondaraP feels Z80 needs to be replaced (shouldnt be the amp since I do get loud crackling sounds)
      CPS1 - Which are the Sound ROM's?
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    • I can't believe that A-Board has working customs.
      I wouldn't bother trying to restore it at all, just keep it around for a parts/doner board.

      It's not like Street Fighter 2 World Warrior is a rare game. ;)
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