IGS PGM troubleshooting

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    • IGS PGM troubleshooting

      Hello everyone,

      I have an issue with both of my IGS PGMs or my New Astro City when it comes to trying to play Ketsui (my only cartridge I don't have another for troubleshooting). When I boot the game up it immediately freezes, when i boot the operator's menu sometimes i can move one or two menu options before the screen seems to pulse once and it freezes. I was able to get the game to work for about 5 minutes after reseating the cartridge around 15 times and haven't been able to replicate it.

      When I was able to get it to work it had some weird graphics as seen in these photos taken by someone that tested the cartridge for me and confirmed that the regular mode works and the arrange mode doesn't boot.

      The scanlines seem extremely thick on my cabinet and his, not sure if that's normal or if the cartridge is messed up.

      Anyone have any ideas why the game freezes on my New Astro City and why the scanlines are so thick? Only thing I can think of is voltage and I'm gonna get fresh batteries in my multimeter to check the 5V on the power supply today.
      Pump it Up SXV2, ITG2 Dedicab, Pop'n Music Yellow, New Astro City, New Net City (FastIO), WMMT 3DX+ pair
    • I'm the one who tested it for him, it's not the motherboard. I have my own Ketsui conversion (as well as my other PGM games) that's playing flawlessly without those weird artifacts. On my motherboard it plugged in and played first time every time too. I didn't try cleaning the contacts on the game though, admittedly.