Hello from Shreveport, Louisiana!!!

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    • Hello from Shreveport, Louisiana!!!

      Hello to all my fellow arcade lovers! Total noob to this site but not the arcade scene as a whole. I was heavily into the scene on BYOAC around the 2007-2010 time frame. I have a real sweet tooth for candy cabs, especially the HD ones with the vewlix being my absolute favorite. Really like the astro city's and egret II's as well but will admit my lack of knowledge on crt monitors combined with their scarcity has steered me away from them...maybe that will change while i'm on these forums. I frequently browse through different arcade forums just to drool at other peoples collections. My hope is to have a vewlix/chewix by Christmas this year! I currently have a clone namco noir and would like to pair it with a vewlix. I want the noir to be a dedicated tekken cab and the future vewlix to be a dedicated street fighter cab. Yes i'm a HUGE street fighter and tekken fan but more so of street fighter. Never been much into tated games, but browsing through so many of the great collections that some of you have i feel it is almost necessary to eventually add one of those to the collection as well. See i just joined the forums and am already spending money i don't have :D

      The problem with my location is that finding nice candies is hard. And thats why i have joined Arcade Projects, to meet and network with like minded people! Cheers :thumbup: :thumbsup: