UK Power Connector for RingEdge?

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    • UK Power Connector for RingEdge?

      Hi all,

      I'm trying to find a power cable to connect up my RingEdge2 (not that I have any sodding games for it at the moment!)

      I THINK the RingEdge has it's own PSU inside, so the 'see if it works of blows up' option I guess is to cut the end off a figurer 8 plug and stick a vhr-3n connector on the end.

      Thought I'd ask here first before I resort to that! Looks like the spacing is for a 3 pin connector, but there's no ground in the middle.

      I have a Naomi Universal that I'll be using with it (RingEdge does 480p, right?) so perhaps I can get power from that?


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