Demon's World (Toaplan) Repair log

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    • Demon's World (Toaplan) Repair log


      I'd like to share with you today my first repair log, starring Demon’s World (Horror Story), from Toaplan (1989)

      Sold as "working" (meh), the seller was at least right on something : "sold with dust" - Yeah that was sure right. It's filthy as hell, and will need a deep cleaning.

      First, i couldn't resist booting the game "as is" to see what's going on. The boot time seems a bit long, with weird lines moving around the screen (invisible on picture but was obvious in person), and sprite bugs, as you can see :

      Now let's get started : cleaning.

      I remove every socketed eprom, and took a picture to remember how it was.

      To clean this PCB, i used Isopropanol with a small cloth, and antistatic brush.

      After two hours of rubbing :

      Way better ! Now let's end this with an air compressor :

      Shiny ! Now let's jump to the hardest part : fixing the game. I've noticed two things : one resistor had a broken leg, and one cap is lifted.

      I resolder the broken leg, and replace the capacitor. I plug back every eprom, and try the game : normal boot, no more weird vibrations, but still that sprite bug. Damn.

      While i was cleaning it, i've noticed that one trace was damaged :

      I grab my multimeter and bang, no continuity there. I used a wire to bridge it, and clean my flux with Isopropanol again. Probably not the cleanest job but hey, that's a first time :

      I double check continiuity, everything's fine, so now that it's dry, let's plug it ...

      Game's fixed ! Ready for more demon slaying :D