Mortal Kombat 3 Source Code Leaked

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    • Wish it was MK2... I HATE every MK after 2 with varying degrees of passion.
      Port MK Trilogy? Please god NO! I mean fuck have you even played it? How could you want to play it again?
      How could you not want to convert every MK3 PCB you've ever seen into something good like Rampage World Tour?
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    • kuze wrote:

      First MK with Cyrax.
      You mean the yellow palette swap robot, or is that the red one? *snicker*

      When MK1 came out large amounts of memory for character data was expensive.
      The palette swapping of the ninja's (Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Reptile) was a clever way around that limit.

      By the time MK3 arrived, not only was the series well established, justifying a larger hardware budget...
      But memory prices and sizes had also become more reasonable.

      What I'm trying to say is at the time of MK3's release, palette swapping 3 robots (Cyrax, Sektor, Smoke) wasn't clever...
      It was lazy!

      Same with the entire Dial-a-Combo system.
      It's a shortcut to the actual daisy-chaining of normal movies into what essentially becomes an unblockable (if performed quickly) after the first hit.
      Not at all like memorizing or dialing a phone number that displays a series of pre-rendered actions on-screen.

      Is MK3 a shallow cash grab? No... It was a misguided attempt to keep advancing/evolving the series.
      While relying on lazy shortcuts as a means to a desired end, and I mean LAZY!

      Why did 4 legs just come out of this one dude when he was killed?

      Last time I checked humans only have two legs. It's almost like the developers just didn't give a fuck... Hmmmm.
      Darksoft: CPS3, ST-V, CPS2, F3, MVS
      RGB: RECO v2, HAS v3

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    • I thought similar things about MK3 until the various UMK3 guys starting making their videos around 2004, which turned me around completely. The tournament life of UMK3 has lasted far longer than the other games, too. Now UMK3 is pretty much the only MK that exists for me.
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      Phil Bennett wrote:

      RC2/MUSIC/MID has the original MIDI sequences for all the music. The accompanying document suggests they were sequenced on a Kurzweil K2000 with lots of custom patches, so they sound like arse when played back on anything else. Still very cool nonetheless :)
      I always love the technical details like this of sound composition on the games, thanks for sharing.
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      bobbydilley wrote:

      I’m assuming with these leaks, you’ve now got access to the toolchains to compile stuf for the arcade boards they came on?

      Would be super cool to try and make some home brew software run on the original hardware.
      No, the tool chains are still missing.

      But I managed to track down a copy which are on 5-1/4" floppy disks, waiting on the generous person who offered to donate them to ship my way :)