Outrun 2 SDX Wiring Diagram

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    • Outrun 2 SDX Wiring Diagram

      Does anyone have a copy of the Outrun 2 SDX wiring diagram?
      This is the one with dual steering wheels.

      The Hummer Extreme MDX diagram would also work as its a very similar setup.

      Every PDF I have found for Outrun is badly scanned and you can't read the diagram.
      The Hummer ones don't include the diagram at all.

    • New

      Specifically what are you needing to reference?

      Would it be significantly different than ID4? I can't recall if that one has a good wiring diagram.

      IIRC, when I briefly booted the Lindbergh versions, the controls worked on my original OR2SP (Chihiro version) cab, so if you're just after controls, that one might be good enough.