Repro blast city yen sticker, sidearts and panel

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    • Repro blast city yen sticker, sidearts and panel

      Yen sticker

      Repro yen is using the screen printing to print the sticker. I would say repro one is 98% same as original sticker.

      Side art

      Side arts is printed on vinyl sticker.

      Panel (custom 1L6B ,2L16B and repro 2L12B )

      - Rust resistant and shining 1.5mm stainless (304) panel.

      - Overlay is printed on 0.5mm PC with anti-scratch surface.

      - Due to the printing way, the color won’t be the same as original.

      - Panel mounts compatible with 3 type of mounting plates

      Check your joystick before buying. Other types need custom adapter.…/album-72157672467058626/

      1L6B panel $ 99
      2L12B-16B $ 119

      yen sticker $ 17.5 or buy with panel $ 10

      side arts $ 50
      • comparison.JPG

        182.61 kB, 1,600×800, viewed 85 times
      • custom panel.JPG

        189.34 kB, 1,600×800, viewed 43 times
      • repro yen sticker.JPG

        189.13 kB, 1,600×1,200, viewed 47 times
      • side arts.JPG

        286.88 kB, 1,600×1,200, viewed 53 times

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