4-player TMNT custom stick that can switch controls to any turtle?

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    • jassin000 wrote:

      nem wrote:

      so technically it's 6 inputs (up, down, left, right, A, B) times 4 characters. Surely there's a rotary switch for the job? Mind you, it's probably not going to be a cheap part.
      I've got a bunch of old 4:1 8pin mini din rotary switches (before I went with a SCART auto switch this is how I changed video input on my xRGB/OSSC).They are pretty cheap, I think I spent about 10$~15$ a pop.

      If you made all your controller heads 8pin, you could easily use this switch to change controls without fear of leaving active wires still connected.

      I don't want to be a douchebag, but fuck it... Honestly this project is a really really bad/dumb idea.
      I recommend you just abandon it in favor of the 2-player TMNT ROM that lets you select what Turtle you want to be at coin-up.
      hey, points for honesty. I really want to keep it 4-player. For now I may just consolize it for use with four sticks, but we’ll see.