Sega Lindbergh games using the S-JIHP - what is your experience?

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    • Sega Lindbergh games using the S-JIHP - what is your experience?

      I am wondering how many have used the S-JIHP with the Sega Lindbergh and how many of the games typically available on the multi-kit for the Yellow Lindbergh can be played without major modifications? I hear some games require the JVS I/O Version 2. Some games require a foot pedal to function as well or even a touchscreen of some kind. Basically, I am wondering how many of the Sega Lindbergh games would work with just a basic gun setup (Operation Thunderbolt X/Y gun) and driving games that work with a basic PC wheel modified for the S-JIHP. I know the games are a little more difficult to operation due to their nature as larger cabinets, but if I could get an idea of the games that work "right out of the box" with the S-JIHP and the typical steering wheel and gun mods as discussed on this forum. The Lindbergh games look awesome, but wondering if they are as easy to play with the S-JIHP as the Naomi and Chihiro systems. It has more games available than the Chihiro, but if not all the games are really playable with the typical S-JIHP setup perhaps the advantage of games is not as large as expected.
      Thanks for any comments.
    • Thanks for the responses. Here is the list of games offered by Darksoft's multi kit: How many of these are verified to work with the S-JIHP and the Logitech Wingman PC wheel (for example) and/or an Operation Thunderbolt (for example) AND the JVS I/O Version 1 WITHOUT any other major modification or equipment (such as 2 Spicy with the foot pedals) or some other shifter or additional piece of equipment. I have the IBM controller from the Youtube videos for the Afterburner Climax. Feel free to modify the list below. Thanks!
      INITIAL D 4
      OUTRUN 2

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    • Sorry; let me also throw this out. I know I may get blasted for suggesting this, but I will ask anyway. I am obviously into original arcade hardware to consider an expensive option like the Lindbergh, but I also like many options for games to switch back and forth. With that said; I would like to play with MAME or other emulators for some game options. So I am thinking, since the Lindbergh is basically a PC; what if a Windows HDD was installed on the Lindbergh hardware (HDD switcher between the Lindbergh multi-kit HDD and a Windows MAME HDD) so one could have the authentic arcade hardware games and then hit a HDD selector button and have it load into a PC Windows MAME setup. Is there any technical reason the Lindbergh motherboard would not load a "regular" Windows PC HDD? Shouldn't it load any HDD that is attached to the motherboard? The hardware should have plenty of strength to process any MAME requirements or larger games. Perhaps I am way out to lunch on this one, but thought I would ask anyway.
    • 2 SPICY - NEEDS FOOT PEDAL and Rev. 2 I/O
      AFTER BURNER CLIMAX woks fine with PC Joystick
      GHOST SQUAD EVO Works fine with modded gun
      HOUSE OF THE DEAD 4 Works fine with modded gun
      HOUSE OF THE DEAD EX Requires HD monitor
      INITIAL D 4 works fine with modded wheel
      INITIAL D 4 EXPORT works fine with modded wheel
      INITIAL D 5 EXPORT works fine with modded wheel
      LET'S GO JUNGLE Plays fine with modded gun but the pots need to be reversed.
      OUTRUN 2 Works fine with modded wheel
      PRIMEVAL HUNT Works fine with a modded gun but also uses a touchscreen so it is very hard to navigate without it.
      SEGA RACE TV Works fine with modded wheel
      RAMBO Works fine with modded gun
      R-TUNNED Works fine with modded wheel
      VIRTUA FRIGHTER 5 Works with regular controls (no analog needed)
      VIRTUA FIGHTER 5 FINAL SHOWDOWN Works with regular controls (no analog needed)
      VIRTUA TENNIS 3 (Works with regular controls. (no analog needed)
      HARLEY DAVIDSON Works with S-JIHP but needs analog for leaning left and right and for the handle for gas. Hard to emulate that without and actual arcade motorcycle.
    • For 2 Spicy - any idea what kind of foot pedal is needed? Again, does it have to be a proprietary one or a generic one from any foot pedal game? Also - would it work with JVS I/O Type 3 or does it HAVE to be Type 2. Wondering if this may be an option if I ever find a Type 3 I/O board and assuming all the games would work with the Type 3 for an I/O board?
    • It's a button. It's digital. You could wire up any footpedal or push button and be fine. I'm 85% sure it has to be Type 3, I'm almost positive I read that somewhere recently.

      Also *puts on best customer service face* Enjoy the new Lindbergh!
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    • Thanks for the reply. Actually started the thread without a Lindbergh and trying to get as much information as possible and all the options. It is an expensive piece of arcade hardware and need to make sure all purchases are valid and maximize the gaming experience; it can be an expensive (and addictive) hobby. It is great, but need to justify expenses and that can be difficult at times as well. I do have a Lindbergh coming and will see how it goes. I don't even have my S-JIHP "working" yet and have had it for several months. Tough to find time and resources to get everything going; plus trying to get six full working system into one cabinet as my wife will not allow more than two cabinets in the house. The information needed for these machines is not readily available. Thank goodness for these forums and members. The help of this and other forums is tremendous - I hope to be educated to the level to provide input back to others in the hobby (give back) sometime soon. We were all newbies once. As always, thanks for the input and information - greatly appreciated.
    • On the subject of a Lindbergh multi-kit, I have a couple questions as well.

      What kind of setup is needed for the gun games, What exactly is this Modded gun? Is it possible to play house of the dead 4 without getting the official guns which tend to cost $300-$500?

      If I were to get a Lindbergh Multikit would it be possible to make a backup copy of the hard drive just in case the one in it were to die? If so, is it hard to do?
    • If you use the S-JIHP you can just buy an old x/y gun from an old arcade cabinet such as Revolution x or operation thunderbolt and it will work almost immediately. You just need to wire it to connect to the S-JIHP and possibly reversi the wires on one of the pots.

      Yes, HOTD4 works fine with an X/Y gun instead of light guns.

      The multi HDD is not protected so can be backed up. The protection is on the PIC and CF card which cannot be backed up.
    • What kind of screen would be needed for such a light gun setup? Would it work on a crt or would it need to be an lcd? Would it need all the leds like the hotd4 cabinet uses?

      What exactly is this X/Y light gun? Is there a certain company who makes them?

      Any more information you could provide about the whole gun setup would be appreciated as I would love to play the arcade version of hotd4 at home.

      I have seen multi kit Lindbergh systems being sold with no pic in the slot, is there a multi kit that does not require one?

      One more thing, what makes the CF card not able to be copied? Does it have some kind of encryption? Is the cf card for a multikit different then a normal Lindbergh cf card? If so, would it be possible to swap out the card for one if someone wanted to setup the system to run only 1 game again?

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    • i have a revolution x gun that I have hooked up the the s-jihp like mitsu mentioned. I did have to reverse one of the pots and let's go jungle seems to be opposite the other gun games. Rambo, hotd, let's go jungle and primevil hunt are all games that I have working with it. Hotd ex kind of works but u need pedals for some of it. Im wondering if i can wired up a pot for that? Just search revolution x arcade or something like that to find it. X/y refers to horizontal and vertical motion of the gun using analog pots instead of light sensors for anyone confused by the terminology. So in other words u do not need light sensors to play the game.