Atomiswave Jamma Issues

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    • Atomiswave Jamma Issues

      Purchased an Atomiswave motherboard along with King of Fighters Neo Wave.

      I have plugged them into my Astro City cab through the jamma connector.

      Motherboard and game start up perfectly fine, my issue really is with playing the game (movement).

      I get responses from top 3 buttons during game play only but no movement from the joysticks at all.

      (I am aware that it has a 5 button layout and have visited the settings in AW to try and play with buttons configuration but ultimately still no movement from joysticks).

      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
    • ZERO_MILES wrote:

      That's very odd. Have you tested the board using another cabinet or a supergun?

      The pinout for controller input is the same as any other Jamma board. Perhaps you're missing ground somewhere?
      I thought i was odd as well, considering everything goes through the jamma connector. I have not tested it on either another cabinet or super gun as I unfortunately don't have others to try it on. I will see what I can do to test on another cab or super gun. Thanks