Operating System Not Found! (?)

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    • Operating System Not Found! (?)

      Hey all,

      I bought a yellow Lindy multi a while back, and it’s my own fault, but I didn’t boot it up at the time it arived as I was busy with other projects, and I guess was saving it as this should be one of the easier systems to get up and running!

      Now my Naomi can is all up to spec, I plugged it in, and got a ‘Operating System Not Found’ message in the top left corner.

      The fella that sold it to me sent a video of it Working I seem to remember, so is there anything that could have broken in transit perhaps? Or jumpers that have been flipped? It should be booting off the CF that’s been installed.

      Any help would be hugely appreciated!
    • 2 things that cross my mind. It's possible that the compact flash card is not making good contact.
      Removing and reinserting it a couple of times might help to solve such issues.
      Another option is a flat cmos battery.
      If you have a cr2032 on your motherboard, measure it's voltage. (With the mobo not powered). If it's below 2.9 V replace that battery.
      If it's the battery, it's possible you have to go into the bios and select the proper boot device. It's like that on a normal pc.
      Entering bios setup might be protected on the lindbergh. I am not familiar with that specific system.
    • You can enter the bios using a keyboard, by pressing ctrl + alt + s repeatedly.

      The password is: mssvhy

      You could then have a look at the summary screen and it should show up with 2 devices, one master and one slave. If it doesn’t then it’s likely the CF is broken or not making good contact.

      You can also change the secure boot option, and see if turning it on or off makes a difference. I think for a real game or darksoft multi it should be set to on, for any other hacky stuf it should be set to off.

      You could also check the boot order in the bios to make sure it’s not trying to boot off the data HDD, and make sure the jumpers are set to the right position on the HDD (slave).

      Saying all of that, I think a quick CMOS reset would ensure all of what I’ve said above
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