Type X - CPU question

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    • Type X - CPU question

      I bought this TypeX off yahoo for $29 as "junk" because it was missing the video card and sold as untested. I bought a $15 9600SE video card off eBay and put it in, and everything works fine.

      I'm just wondering about the spec, its sticker says it's a:

      Model 017A
      256MB mem
      Celeron 2.0GHz w/ 9550SE

      I haven't seen this low end spec before using the 2.0 Celeron, I'm unsure which game it came with. Any ideas?

      I bought a $7 Celeron 2.5GHz CPU I plan on replacing it with, in conjunction with the 9600SE I already have, should turn it back into the proper base spec. I'm also going to replace the PSU, the fans, and re-cap the entire board because some of the capacitors don't look too good and the fans are obnoxiously loud. :)

      I'm assuming I'll have no issues changing the CPU, but I am curious why this was so low-end to begin with.
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