Let's Go Jungle Special

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    • Let's Go Jungle Special

      Hope this thread is okay to make - feel free to close if not.

      Was wondering if anyone knew anything about Let's Go Jungle Special.

      There is a video on YouTube titled 'Lets Go Jungle Special at home' where a man seems to be running LGJS in his home Lindbergh cabinet. He says he has modified it slightly to run on one screen so I know it can be done.

      Here is the video link: youtube.com/watch?v=xYuSqG2rEq4

      Does anyone have a copy of it, or know of where to get one? By this I mean the installation DVD (not trying to ask for a hacked copy etc.).

      Or alternatively does anyone know the guy who has got it on YouTube, or how to contact him?


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    • Yeah it looked like a really cool machine - I’ve never managed to see one of those in person :( Have seen a Ridge Racer Full Scale though so I’m sure I’ll cope!

      Would be really cool to get some more info about the game! Could build your own one with a spinning desk chair and a motor!
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    • @nem Thank you for the lead, I've managed to get hold of the installation disk for this, and are waiting on the key chip.

      Interested to see how the game controls the moving platform. It could either be done through the main JVS line, or through the COM ports like it does for games such as OR2 I've been told. I believe I'm right in thinking that it mainly runs JVS through the com ports for this, and so shouldn't be too hard.

      I'll keep everyone updated as I make progress, as I think it would be nice if ALL the Lindbergh games where available.
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    • Let's Go Jungle Special : Post 1 ( Dummy files )

      Disclaimer: I thought as I found interesting things out about this game I would post them here in different sections. I won't be posting how to get around the games security checks, or download links to the game as this is against the forums rules. I will also be referring to Let's Go Jungle Special by LGJS from now on to keep thing shorter.

      After a lot of messing around in a HEX editor, I found some interesting things that might be useful in other games and these are 'dummy' files. The game software looks for various files placed in the games current directory, which are blank in content and start with '.dummy_'. These change the way the game functions according to what comes after the underscore. This is probably for development purposes, as each person working on LGJS likely didn't have an entire theater cabinet on their desk! I haven't done much more research on these dummy files, but I know they exist in Outrun 2 SP as well, however they are not as interesting.

      The list below is of the dummy files the game checks for, and what I think they might do:

      ./dummy_spcabi - This may force the game to stop checking that the parts of the special cabinet (control board, dual screens) is available. However I'm not sure about this and the following paragraph explains why. LGJS reguarly checks if there are any errors, or issues that might cause danger to the person inside the cabinet. Things such as it not being able to talk to the seat control board, will stop the game functioning and display a message asking for the people inside the cabinet to stay seated and wait for an attendant to come and get them. As I don't have the seat control board (usually connected via a serial port) I always get this error when starting the game. To counter act this, I originally took out all the checks for the safety of the cabinet and allowed the game to continue running anyway. Bearing this is mind, there may be a dummy file that stops this error happening, but I haven't been able to check yet as my game is already modified to stop this error regardless.

      ./dummy_relimg - I have no idea what this does

      ./dummy_seri - The control board is connected via serial as explained above, and this probably emulates what the control board would be sending. I'm assuming this would go together with the ./dummy_spcabi file to make the game run stand alone without the checks for the control board.

      ./dummy_jvs - This probably emulates a JVS I/O board being plugged in, and so allows the game to start without an I/O.

      ./dummy_autoplay - This makes the game auto play itself. Once you press start, the game goes through the starting procedure itself and shoots at the spiders automatically.

      ./dummy_dispmatching - Not sure what this does. It might be the score you get to do with the couple in the games love for each other.

      ./dummy_disptime - Not sure what this does. Probably displays the time or something.

      ./dummy_debug_sound - Not sure what this does. Maybe it mixes the surround sound into just left and right?

      ./dummy_spiderjumpdebug - No idea what this does, but looks like it could be fun.

      ./dummy_dispseatcommand - Again not sure, but probably displays whats being sent to the seat.

      Its worth noting that with the files containing the words 'disp' could be set to toggle information written out to the console, which has been turned off before the game is compiled compiled and so anything 'debug()' writes simply return from the function without writing anything out.
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    • Haven’t been able to video much of LGJS for a while because I’ve been working on OpenJVS but have recently got a 7800GS so that the game runs at a better speed. The card was literally sent to me in an envolope and I’m very impressed it still works!

      Only last problem I’ve got is that some of the audio when the people speak is out from the captions - not sure if anyone else has experienced this with any other games?
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    • New

      Thought I would put an interesting update on some findings that are probably known, but thought I'd write them anyway:

      1. Graphics Card Issues
      Although its generally said online that for games such as Let's Go Jungle Standard you need the 7800GS card, I've found that it works fine on the 6800 card with only a minor bit of slowdown at some point.
      For Let's Go Jungle Special however the game is unplayable due to slowdown without the 7800GS card, strangely though I can only access the test menu with the 6800 card, and just get a blank screen on the 7800GS.
      I also cannot get the 2 monitors to output properly, as they would in the Let's Go Jungle Special game. The second monitor gets turned off before the game even starts, and the game never tries to switch monitors. On normal Lindbergh games the game is output to both monitors at the same time. Unsure quite how I would make the machine swap to the other monitor in the game, as it just sticks on the one monitor for now, maybe it had some sort of card that swapped the input rather than using 2 monitors? It could also be that the monitor swapping is based off a reading from the spinning chairs position, and seeing as I give no reading it doesn't swap!

      1. Ram Size Matters
      Probably the strangest thing I've found, is that when I run Let's Go Jungle Special with 1GB of ram it starts up and plays fine. If I put in 2GB of ram, the game goes into a 'Checking serial comunications...' screen and never completes from there. This suggests that maybe the full theater machine ran with 2GB of ram, and they used 1GB for dev and that's how it decides how to start up? I cannot actually get any output from the serial ports on the machine, but can see there are references to '/dev/tty0' in the code, and so it looks like there would have been some custom version of the Lindbergh CF that has /dev/tty0 populated. Outrun2SP which uses the serial protocol seems to manage to write to the Serial without the existence of the /dev/tty0 file, so it must do it in a different way.

      Another thing I found is that when loading The House Of The Dead 4 with 2GB of ram, it loaded at least 3x as fast as normal, so a ram upgrade on the Lindbergh seems to be a really useful idea!
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