Thinking about setting up a Lindbergh

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    • Thinking about setting up a Lindbergh


      I'd like to set up a Lindbergh multi with my hd television. Mostly for VF5:FS and maybe some racers. I tried to get a good overview of what I need, but it's all a bit confusing. :/

      What is the most reliable, bugfree multi option? There seem to be many different ones. One was recommanded to me that works directly with xbox360 controllers. I googled it and found out there's many alternative versions of the games and stuff. I don't need that. I want vanilla versions that work fine. On the other hand, being able to use 360 controllers/sticks directly without additional hardware is tempting.

      How can I hook up controls to the Lindbergh. Does it work with xbox360 arcade sticks? Can I hook up two of them?

      What is to most cost efficient way to play VF5:FS? Is it way cheaper to just buy a Lindbergh with VF5:FS instead of a whole multi setup?

      Thanks for some clarification.
    • There are 2 mains versions of the Lindbergh multi. One has support for Xbox controllers but is apparently buggy, the other is very vanilla and is sold by @Darksoft on this forum.

      For the Xbox controller supporting multi made by jakulous, I believe only some games such as outrun support the controller and so I wouldn’t bet on it working well with an arcade stick.

      I suspect the cheapest option is a multi, I think they’ll set you back around £125 for the CF, HDD and Pic. Other multis are available, and there is a free one but that requires quite a lot of understanding and work to get going.

      For the Lindbergh to work you need a standard ATX computer power supply and a JVS I/O. If you wanted to wire an Xbox arcade stick to it, you could use a board made by @Mitsurugi-w, which would let you easily connect the wires from the arcade stick to your JVS I/O.

      Any other questions feel free to ask - as a warning Lindbergh’s aren’t cheep and you should expect to pay a good few hundred pounds!
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