Sony PVM-2030 Tech Help Needed

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    • Sony PVM-2030 Tech Help Needed

      I got a beautiful Sony PVM-2030 last week and it was working perfectly with all of my consoles, but I made a mistake when I connected an Xbox Scart cable and the PVM no longer gives me any video on screen at at all.

      I had pin 8 on my custom scart input adapter grounded and didn't realize that this is 12V on the Xbox Scart pinout. So 12V was shorted in the RGB input connector going in to the PVM

      The screen is black even when powering on, but everything else is working normally (audio, control panel illumination, etc).

      Any suggestions on how I can repair this would be greatly appreciated.
    • I was able to fix the 2030. There was a broken solder joint on the board that connects to the tube (circled in red below). After repairing the point, the PVM works perfectly again. I believe that the Xbox connection that I was assuming was just coincidental in retrospect.

      The PVM starts up almost instantly now. It seemed to be hit or miss before, often taking 20 seconds or so to flicker on.

      Before: Broken solder point circled

      After resoldering the point

      A beautiful picture from the Genesis/32X's RGB