Need Konami 573 Information - Have a Punchmania JP version and looking for Eng. version?

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    • Need Konami 573 Information - Have a Punchmania JP version and looking for Eng. version?


      I have a Konami Punchmania / Fighting Mania game.

      It has the Japanese version of the game.

      I originally got it with a blown out motor, and was lucky enough to find a motor with the same specs as the original and got it working.

      Looking online, I'm still kinda confused how this system works.

      It looks like maybe the game installs from the CD and then makes a check for a memorycard/dongle, but there are patched versions of the game(s), that don't check for the dongle?

      What I wanted to do is get the English version on this somehow.

      Is it possible to make a cd of the MAME chd and install it? I can't seem to find a legit copy of the English version (or really for any of these games).

      I also have an RTC error, but it sounds like I'd have to get that fixed first to install on there anyway;

      Regardless, I am planning to send off to to get the RTC chip upgraded (I do not like working on double-sided boards like that, so I'm not taking chances).

      But is it possible to do what I want? Change from JP to ENG versions?

      Any info greatly appreciated!
    • Hey there! I own two Fighting Mania cabinets (the korean release). It's been a few years since I've messed with any of it. The 573 initially reads data from the CD, installs main game data onto the CF card, and reads most game data off the CD-ROM. There are patched CD-ROMs that don't check for the security. I don't have an image handy, but I do have a burnt disc in my cabinet that I would rip for you.

      I also do RTC repairs on 573 units.. so if you'd like to send your board for that and have it tested in a working machine feel free to PM me. Otherwise I'll work on getting the CD ripped so you can use it.

      The six sensors will probably need to be calibrated and cleaned once you get the 573 up and running. My first stab at getting a Punchmania working took a few months.

    • Sorry this is off-topic but are these system 573s worth anything? I recently picked one up with fisherman's bait in a cabinet I wanted to convert. Are there any good games I should consider? Seems like there's not much info about these online besides Japanese releases I don't recognize.
    • They're not worth a whole lot. Most of the games running on the hardware are music games with unique controllers (DDR, Drummania, Guitar Freaks etc).

      For regular stick and button games there's just Konami 80's Arcade Gallery and Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu (baseball).

      If you can find yourself a Bishi Bashi panel, there's Hyper Bishi Bashi and Salaryman Champ.
    • If you didnt solve your problem I got a cd version of fighting mania (the english version) that doesn't need the security cart.

      I also have 2 Konami whole Konami 573 system with original fighting mania game and cart (English version) I would greatly be interested in the Japanese version, punch mania 1 or punch mania 2 would be amazing

      It might be possible to have the Japanese version too but mine has a problem and reboot each time the game is over.

      It would be nice too if someone knows how to play the second version of the game (punch mania hokuto no ken 2) on this cab, I ve seen a video on YouTube someone playing it at the mag fest few years ago on a fighting mania cab (not the punch mania jap cab) so it should be possible, I tried to find how since 3 years I would pay a lot to play it :rolleyes:

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