Ikari Warriors (3stack) - P1 Coin not Working

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    • Ikari Warriors (3stack) - P1 Coin not Working

      Ikari Warriors (3 Stack PCB)

      -P1 Coin not Working

      Using logic probe, pin is dead, no high or low. First checked the 2xV06B diodes as they are used to pull it high. Diode for P2 was working fine, pulled the other diode and noticed that someone replaced them with IN4002 diodes which are 1A rated while V06Bs are 2.5A rated. Swapped those out for the correct ones, still nothing, just weird.

      Checked the resistor packs connected to that line, pulled them from circuit to check resistance, both 1k and 330ohm was bad, replaced both, still nothing. Traced it further back to an LS367 at 3D, used the logic probe on the inputs, P2 was triggering low when pressed, P1 nothing, just dead. Swapped the LS367 and it worked again. IC was the old Fujitsu’s, maybe an internal failure.

      -Replaced V06B Diode
      -Replaced 1k and 330ohm resistor pack
      -Replaced LS367@3D with socket