Rusted JAMMA Edge Connector Fixed!

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    • Rusted JAMMA Edge Connector Fixed!

      Some oxalic acid I had handy did the trick. Bought 5 pounds of this stuff to rid hard water stains off my shower door (works great for that too, btw).

      This CPS2 A-board was destined to be ravaged for parts as it must have been hit with a soda spill years ago. A good 12 or so pins on both sides rusted green. Particularly, the pins around input ground. So no controls worked.

      Given that, I thought it wouldn't hurt to try to rescue it with the oxalic acid. Having researched the stuff a while back for my shower door, I know is used industrially to remove rust and does not damage plastic. A spoonful of the stuff mixed with about 2x the amount of water was wayyyyyy more than I needed to make an apple sauce-like paste. Used a toothbrush to apply it to the JAMMA edge connector. I let it sit for about 10 seconds. Scrubbed for another 30 seconds with a toothbrush until the green rust was gone. Washed it off under the sink. Spot sprayed it with Simple Green to neutralize the acid, then washed that off once again. Let it dry. Plugged it in with a B-Board. Skipped to the input test menu and everything worked again!

      I am lucky the connectors on my JAMMA edge did not rust all the way through and sever connections. Now since it worked, I am wondering of @undamned can give this a shot on his board here:

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