ROM1 replacement in Crime Fighters 2 / Vendetta

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    • ROM1 replacement in Crime Fighters 2 / Vendetta

      Hello, I want to replace ROM1 in a Vendetta PCB to make it 2 players. According to the Vendetta manual (PDF) and vendetta.cpp mame source I need a 32Pin 1Mbit UV-EPROM, so I have burned 081*01.17c in a 27C1001 EPROM using a TL866A but the board doesn't boot. I also tried keeping the TEST button pressed while booting with no success.

      Later I found that I need to switch pins 2 and 24 in this EPROM (A16 and OE) or just use a 27C1000 / 27C301 or a 27C020. Before placing an order for some of these eproms, am I in the good track? I don't want to spend money for nothing.

      Another option would be to make an adapter that switches pins 2 and 24 and use my current 27C1001 ROM, right?

      Update: I've seen the photo of a working Vendetta board that uses a 27C020-200 in the main rom so I'll order some of these. :thumbup:

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