Cue Brick (Konami) repair log

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    • Cue Brick (Konami) repair log

      The board booted but the graphics were faulty:

      I found some Fujitsu chips with corroded legs (F7, G7 and H7):

      I used a vacuum desoldering tool just once to remove part of the solder, later I applied some paste flux in the legs and then used a hot air gun, protecting the surrounding areas with Kapton tape:

      I clean with 99.9% Isopropanol and put a socket. I change the place of two of these ttl chips expecting some change, and I was right:

      Finally I replace the chips with fresh ones. For these boards I prefer to use 0.5mm diameter solder since it flows way easier through the holes.

      Repair done! :P :thumbsup:

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