LA Machine Guns / Gunblade gun wiring question

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    • LA Machine Guns / Gunblade gun wiring question

      I am currently working on my second fixed arcade gun conversion for use with mame. I picked up an old LA Machine Guns / Gunblade gun but I am a little confused with the wiring and stripped screws are making it difficult to get inside to look...

      There are two 3 wire cables which I assume are for the X and Y pots. Then there are two identicle 2 wire cables. I assume one is for the trigger and the other is for the motor but both have red and white wires. When I look through the gap at the motor, I can see red, blue and black wires but no white.

      There are also two green ground wires and again, it's not clear what these are for or if they are needed for my Apac wiring?

      So, if anyone here owns one of these cabs, please can you confirm that the recoil motor cable has just a red and white wire for a 24v PSU? Also, please can you tell me what the two green wires connect to at each end?
    • Ground wires go to metal parts of the gun (chassis). No really needed, just security, as you have ground wires to metal doors or panels in cabinets.
      The gun is easy to open. First take off the handle, and after a few screws and you can take off half of plastic of the gun.
      ANd if you unscrew the 4 screws under, you take gun and motor out of metal base, so you can identify your wires.

      What I remember :
      2* 3 plugs connectors for X and Y axis
      1* ? plugs to power motor. I think it's a 3 plugs connector.
      2* 2 plugs connector for trigger and button

      So I think you miss one wire, must be stuck somewhere inside.
    • I managed to get it open and it looks like I was right the first time. The only button is the trigger and the motor wire has just two wires.

      I still can't figure it out though. When I connect the two wires to a dc power supply it smokes and the wires melt. I really don't understand this motor circuit at all. I thought it would be a simple project to connect it via a relay but it seems I made a mistake....
    • I mix with last cabinet with pivot guns I fixed, was a Alien 3, sorry. Same kind of gun but with a button for grenade. I know motor and chassis are the same, since I think I've use a motor and internal rumbling system from a LA MG or GB NY to repair one Alien 2 gun. Long time ago.

      EDIT : checked in my desk, found Alien 3 manual. 2* 3 plugs connectors for X + Y, 3* 2 plugs connectors for trigger, button and motor.

      After quick search :…lade_NY_-_1995_-_Sega.pdf
      You have details of gun and wiring

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    • I think the issue is that, apparently, you can't just hook a brush motor up to a power supply even if the PSU is the right size. That is, if I understood it correctly... (which is 50:50 at best).

      It sounds like I need some kind of additional circuit to run the motor to handle the large power peak when you start it. Building something like that is well beyond my experience though.

      So.... unless I can find a suitable brushless dc motor replacement, I need to sell this gun and find a more suitable one to convert.
    • I figured out how to make the LA machine guns recoil motor work with mame...

      In case anyone else is trying to convert one of these to use with a mame PC, the motor will not work unless you cut the diode circuit off. This is housed in a little white plastic box on the motor power cable. If you cut above it and connect a regular 24v PSU then it will spin / recoil.

      From there, you just need a dc / dc solid state relay that can be activated by the 5v from the trigger switch. A regular mechanical relay will fail fairly quickly so stick to solid state.

      So now I have my arcade machine gun working with my PC emulators with full auto recoil and it is awesome!