CPS3 SuperBIOS - Blank/Black Screen [solved]

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    • CPS3 SuperBIOS - Blank/Black Screen [solved]

      I'm having issues getting my SuperBIOS cart(s) to work.

      I've probably just forgotten to do something simple as I haven't played this for a couple of months, but when I try and load, all I get is a blank/black screen screen.

      I've got the following HW : Standard, unmodified dead 2I cart | SuperBIOS cart from Joerg | SuperBIOS cart from mitsurugi-w (both are just bios updates - they have the original custom SH2)

      The 2I cart works fine when used with the 2 x disc version of 3rd Strike where SIMMs have to be removed/swapped etc...

      However, when I plug in either of the SuperBIOS carts, all I get is a blank/black screen. I've tried various CDs, but they make no difference. Is there something else I should be doing? I've tried holding 1p start when booting, but still the same blank screen.

      I also ran a SIMM check, and that shows they are all good (2 x 64 and 4 x 128)

      Any suggestions?
    • Thanks mitsurugi-w

      I gave both carts and all simms a good cleaning, but to no avail.

      The only other thing I could think of changing was the cabinet! And it worked! :D
      Swapped the board over to Astro City number 2, and it booted up fine. Truly bizarre. I can only imagine it wasn't getting quite enough juice from the first cab. Not sure why the 2I booted fine though. Oh well, who cares!