Input Issues with CPS3 Mobo

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    • Input Issues with CPS3 Mobo

      Just got my SuperBIOS in and trying it out, and so far everything is working well, except for one issue that I think might be a problem with my mobo. First of all, Player 2 inputs do not work at all except for kicks. Player 1 inputs work fine. I have played many boards in this cabinet, and never had this issue, so i dont think its a problem with player 2 grounding, unless there is something unique to the way CPS3 handles inputs. Additionally, in any Darksoft menu, like the region select or the one to select changing game, hitting up or down on the joystick registers 3 or 4 times instantly. Anyone seen something like this? My mobo is revision 95682A-2. Thanks!
    • After some more investigation it is a grounding issue, the jamma pin for player 2 ground loop isn’t connecting. I cleaned the edge and still couldn’t get ground, so I bridged the player 1 and 2 ground loops in the CP, and I’m good to go. Doesn’t solve the underlying issue, but at least I’m good to go. Is there a version of the CD that doesn’t ask for region on boot?
    • The menu is just jumpy, I find slapping the stick around is the best way to get it to land on the option you want.
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