Sega Universal Upright conversion

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    • Sega Universal Upright conversion

      Some Aussies may have seen the Gumtree add for this cab that's been around for some time.

      I ended up paying the seller AUD 150 instead of the AUD 350 it was listed for so after a 150km round trip and I've got my newest project!

      The day started with a trip to bunnings to hire the ute..

      A crap load of tolls and extending the trip by 30 mins due to a wrong turn in the city... I finally got it on the back of the ute!

      Have to give mad props to the seller who helped me get it on the ute, it would've been quite challenging by myself as this is HEAVY AF! Heavier than the astro that's for sure!

      After getting home and completing the initial analysis, it's safe to say she's pretty banged up :)

      Have no idea if it works (and won't know for a while as it has been outside and it's leaking water ).

      Unfortunately, there wasn't a Naomi inside. It looks like a Konami Python system 16 with pro evolution soccer (according to the tag)

      Audio board looks pretty corroded

      As does the sega i/o?

      Found a few of these whilst trying to strip :)

      Never worked on a Sega universal before it took me a little while to figure out how to remove the backing so I could find where the water was leaking from.

      After a good 20 or so mins, I finally got the back off only to find EXACTLY the same tubes I have on my current astro cities and my spare 29 inch (I didn't realise they were 31khz compatible?)

      Found the wet patch!

      The Nanao MS-2932-S chassis

      The plan is to chop this down to make it a sit down but I have no idea how I will be doing that, I think I'm way out of my depth in capability.

      The good:

      - got it for 150
      - no cracks on the cp
      - no major damage
      - I now have a Sega universal - I might do repro art from a new net city :)

      The bad:

      - no marquee :(
      - rust on a big part of the base
      - cp is 4 button layout and the start section had been increased from 24mm to 30mm! Who does that!?
      - nfi if the chassis works - I'm not really too worried about anything else as I will probably just end up using a DC for this cab
      - I've never worked on a Sega universal so there's a lot of learning to do (but that's part and parcel)
      - will be filling, sanding, wet sanding and everything you can think of
      - no dedicated work space to do all of this - was doing it on my drive away
    • Ended the day pretty much a big chunk of the cab stripped and ready to be thoroughly cleaned!

      My biggest worry is how the hell I'm going to do the upright to sit down conversion.. I think I'm waaaaaay out of my depth here..

      Need to obviously chop the coin chute, I just don't trust my cutting abilities :)

      Looking at th other stand, it appear there may be holes already but I'm not really sure what that's for.

      If any one has any recommendations (especially on Australia) about what body filler, paint primer and paint to use that'd be great!
    • @mR_CaESaR -- nice score! You gotta talk to @OsirusANZ about the conversion, painting, etc. He did a great job on the one I got from him. Granted it doesn't have any of the Naomi internals, but I'm just using it for Dreamcast and Xbox 360, so that's completely fine!
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    • aside from the rust on the lower section, that's honestly not bad at all... just take the rusty bits off and send them to get sand blasted and repainted and it'll look mint in no time.

      What artwork is on the bezel? and what game is in there?
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    • djsheep wrote:

      @mR_CaESaR -- nice score! You gotta talk to @OsirusANZ about the conversion, painting, etc. He did a great job on the one I got from him. Granted it doesn't have any of the Naomi internals, but I'm just using it for Dreamcast and Xbox 360, so that's completely fine!

      Hahah, yeah he's been there pretty much since the first time I sent him the Gumtree link about a month and a bit lol.

      I will most likely end up putting a 360 and DC too.. I already have the controller mods.. I'm just wanting a 31khz cab for Naomi games.

      twistedsymphony wrote:

      aside from the rust on the lower section, that's honestly not bad at all... just take the rusty bits off and send them to get sand blasted and repainted and it'll look mint in no time.

      What artwork is on the bezel? and what game is in there?

      Yeah, I must admit, it's actually not that bad!

      There's a hole or two on the main screen bezel, but I'll patch it up.

      I'm not sure how much things cost to get sand blasted, but I'll look into it.

      DecepticonZero wrote:

      Where you got the cab so cheap, I'd recommend hitting up @videotronicsuk and just buy a set of legs and covers from an NNC. That way you have the option of going back to a stand up someday.

      Yeah that's definitely a possibility, but I think shipping to AU will end up costing more than what I paid for the cab..

      I'd be keen though if he has a NNC one.. I think I'll turn this into NNC theme as I much like the look of the stickers on that cab.
    • I am unhappy to report that the chassis doesn't work! :(

      It's got a collapse and like a crows feet on the left hand side.. I'm not really sure of that means the tube is dead too.

      I took the gamble and unfortunately it has not paid off :(

      I'm still keen on a 31khz setup but tubes and chassis don't come up too often.

      I'll keep cleaning and the see what my options are - i might go down the path of downscaling 480p to 240p with the Universal Video Encoder..

      So I've just focused on getting this unit cleaned up..

      Whoever does this to Japanese panels should be shot! This is crazy! And to add, they made the 24mm holes into 30mm I'm assuming

      A nice filthy panel - pretty much the same on all candies I've purchased

      Testing to see if I can somewhat get the original colour back on the plastic with the retrobrite process - it's looking somewhat promosing

      After an hour of sunlight..

    • djsheep wrote:

      Is the tube the correct one in the cab? I wasn't aware that particular tube was 31Khz compliant? It's the same one in both my Astro's and thought they were 15/24Khz only?!
      That's what I thought too...

      Until @OsirusANZ showed me this link..

      And I've been told same tube different yoke.. Didn't realise yokes could be changed..
    • Well the retrobrite process definitely brought the original colour back!

      Bezel after a clean...

      Bezel after about 4 hours worth of UV.

      Whilst it looks pretty good, I'll still end up painting it so I can patch a few holes/dents

      I attempted to wire wheel one of the rust damaged doors..

      After a good hour or so of wire wheeling, the front now has all the paint and rust removed!

      I found something that works! Albeit only one speaker.. So a quick change of a speaker and the sound appears to be perfect! The volume knob works too!

      Hopefully the next few days, I'll completely strip the cab to start the cutting of the legs this weekend.
    • New update with the last or so week.

      Cleaned out the pcbs and let them out in the sun to dry for a number of days

      Tried to see the state of the konami python...

      It was absolutely disgusting! I've never seen so much cockroach poo in my life!

      I've started wheel wiring more panels to bare metal

      I'm going to try and repair the start holes from the control panel it was expanded to 30mm :( (key word here being "try" - I'm absolutely shocking with any form of metal work and I don't have a welder or the necessary tools)

      Since we're talking about me being crap with metal work, I did not have the balls nor did I believe I was able to chop the legs, so I drove to a local metal workshop and asked if they could do 4 straight cuts and 338mm needed to be taken off the bottom..

      Few minutes later... We have a sit down!

      I need to get a metal bit for my jigsaw so I only have the holes to test the fit..

      After screwing the legs on, I couldn't really be any happier! The CP lines up "about" the same height as my astro (I imagine, once I put the feet on with the risers, it'll line up perfectly).

      She lines up pretty well to the feet cover.. I've purchased a set of feet from yanton so they'll be much better than this pair.. At least the screws aren't rusted!

      Sit down conversion complete!

      Now to start filling and then painting process...
    • Over the weekend I started filling a few sections.

      I'm hoping by this weekend, I'll be in a position to put the primer on

      Also plan to use the British Paints "appliance white" paint from bunnings.

      The stuff that needed to be filled on the top bezel were a couple of spots..

      Filler applied and letting it dry...

      Sanded down one section to get it all nice and flat..

      Once all the plastic parts are done, I'll make my way through to the metal bits..

      The base has definitely seen better days.

      Don't think I can do much with one of the wheels, it's completely rusted and I can't even get the bolts out to clean/replace :(

      Hopefully I prime this week, but I don't want to rush the prep work..

      Until next update.. :)
    • Well this is going to be a boring update...

      I filled, wheel wired and sanded!!

      During the week, I received a package from yanton.

      A "New Net City" 2 player cp with sticks and buttons... Unfortunately the buttons aren't sanwa and the jlf is unusable, that's all good, I got it specifically for the cp.

      Next up, we got a set of shoes as the right shoe bolt did not budge from the rust. Unfortunately, like most of my previous orders from yanton, there's always something wrong - in this case, they gave me two left feet!

      This was a very painful thing to do, but it had to be done due to the rust on the edges - predominantly the first player..

      After some TLC, the cp is ready for some priming!

      The plan is to prime and a white base to put some Sega naomi overlays

      Next up, the base! I managed to get that rusted wheel off after some wire brushing, a good hammering, wd40 and a socket wrench. I was very very happy I didn't rip the head of the bolt.

      The base needs the most work on rust removal!

      I found an area next to the coin section that had A LOT of rust..

      Since this part is welded on the cab, it was either leave it on and hope for rust coverter to fix, or just angle grind the welded points to allow me to try and fix the rusted area..

      The decision was pretty simple, out came the grinder and I'll just tek screw (or pop rivet) it in

      And here's the rust culprit!

      After a 5 minute session with the wheel wire.. Rust be gone!!

      I can't get to some other parts with the wheel wire, Im hoping I can find a Dremel bit to try and access those areas.

      Hopefully tomorrow I can attack the underside of the base as that's the worst part.

      Don't think priming will happen this weekend as the weather hasn't really permitted it.

      Until the next update...

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    • The priming has begun!

      Some rust convert (even though I removed most of the rust with a wheel wire..)

      First light as they come..

      Third coat.. Nice and grey!

      Panels out to dry..

      It's amazing how far this panel has come, this one was the most affected with rust and she's looking pretty good now (even if I do say so myself) :)

      It's far from pro work, but at least I can sit back and say I did that! :)
    • Well it's been a while since my last post!

      The weather on weekends has been terrible and as always life gets in the way :). I've managed to get a few hours worth today.

      First up, the CP.

      A fresh coat of paint is now on!

      Brand spanking new sanwa parts have arrived (I've gone vermillion and dark blue as that's what I heard was the stock colours of the naomi)

      And we wouldn't have fresh arcade vinyls if it wasn't for our man Carson from Noodleshirt (image taken from his IG, mine is in transit)

      Once all those arrive it's time to install and wire up.

      Next up is the sides! I've delayed this quite a bit, but it was time to cut the holes for the cables on each leg..

      With a fresh set of blades from bunnings, it was relatively a breeze.

      The feet holes were lined up, drilled, and countersunk

      Screw fits like a glove and is pretty flush!

      Next up was a test install... She's a beauty!

      Finally, it was time to finally tackle the base!

      After a fair bit of time patching, sanding, rust converterting, wheel wiring, I can say she's officially ready to be primed!

      With any luck, this weekend should have the base primed!

      Until the next update!
    • Another day, another thing to prime :)

      Quick small job today..

      Managed to prime the feet and top bits for the sides..

      Also got the repro art from noodleshirt and it's mint! Die cut using FrancoB's CAD files..

      Vinyl applied to the rust free painted cp :)

      I had to do the hole cut outs, I'm hoping next time Noodleshirt can just die cut the holes for that too.

      I also had to trim off about 1-2 mms on the top and on the left side since I slightly nudged the vinyl when I applied and I didn't realise until it was too late.. No major biggie.

      After some initial drama with my buttons (seller sent me red instead of vermillion and was adamant they were correct, they eventually sent me the correct colours), once installed, I must say, I'm VERY happy with how it's turned out!

      I went for the "stock" colour scheme that I was told were on the Naomi universal and I've become quite a fan of the colours.

      So this is officially the first "completed" part of this long restore!

      Actually... It's technically not completed yet, I still have to make a harness. I'll do that right at the end.