Shinobi (Sega System 16B) Bad H13 scroll ram

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    • Shinobi (Sega System 16B) Bad H13 scroll ram


      I got this game some time ago. It plays fine and I can't detect any problem, but running the scroll ram test I get "H13 BAD". I like my games to be 100% working so I'm trying to repair it.

      I have tried two different 65256 sram modules (10ns) and I continue getting the same error. TTL chips G11, G12, J15 and J16 test good with my TL866a.

      I can live with this, but I'd love the game to pass all the tests. Any idea?
    • Which version of Shinobi is it? Decrypted ROMs?
      It could also be the custom chip failing (adding delay to the signal processing?).
      Looking for:
      - Sega Super Scaler hardware (Out Run, Model X, Model Y), not working (even with faulty PCM chip)

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