Sega 838-13683-93 input problems

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    • Sega 838-13683-93 input problems

      I have an issue with a Sega Jamma JVS I/O. This one:

      I am using it in conjunction with a TTX.
      Problem is that P1 Button 2&3 are shorting. Each individual press on each gives simultaneous input on both.
      I have checked continuity at the jamma edge (none), and followed each input trace through to the microcontroller (also good).
      I have tested with two different joysticks and with JP1 in both A&B positions. No change.

      Is it screwed? Is the microcontroller replaceable?
      Anything else I should check?

      Thanks in advance...
    • I had the same problem last week but it was coming from the amp connectors, have you checked everything on this side ?
      Any Multi MVS bug ? Before asking delete BUFF FILE on the SD card and Reset NVRAM procedure : Power on without cart, Press Start multiple times until it asks to press ABC + Start, Do it, Power off > Done