Can you run HSF2 with PCB?

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    • Can you run HSF2 with PCB?

      Hi guys! :D
      There is a modified ROM called HSF2 ++ that was created by a person named yumeji.
      If successful hacking on the original HSF2 (040202) at the yumeji site,
      True GOUKI and the first 4 BOSS (M. BISON, BALROG, SAGAT, VEGA)
      It will be usable.

      Although this can be run on "ThunderMAME 32", it does not run on the arcade board (CPS2) ...
      Is it impossible just by rewriting the ROM of 03 and 04?
      The base seems to be a modification of the Phoenix edition, but ... X/

      I baked the ROM of 03,04.
      However, the board did not boot.
      Is there anyone who succeeded?

      Phoenix's HSF2 works without problems, but Phoenix's hack version doesn't work ...
      There is no need to short the exc5 again, as the base phoenix moves.
      Has anyone tried it? ||